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2016 WHLL Board of Directors

Position Name Email
President Joe Giangreco
Vice President Jeff Cianflone
Treasurer Mark Baral
Director of Sponsorship Brian Berry
Director of Fundraising Jeff Cianflone
Director of Scheduling Chris Nelson sporto219@hotmail.com
Secretary Gregg Finkell
Director, Major Division Dan LaBreck dan.labreck@dcsg.com
Director, AAA Division Brian Heaney and Brian Boyer heaneybaseball@gmail.com and brianboyer@comcast.net
Director, Minor Division Jon Coss jon.coss@gmail.com
Director, Instructional Division Chris Cykley chriscykley@msn.com
Director, Rookie Division    
Director of Player & Coach Development Dan Weiss and Jon Coss mudville9@aol.com and jon.coss@gmail.com
Co-Directors, Summer Baseball Ed Pyro and John Kumpa  and 
Director, Summer All-Stars    
Director, WHLL Fields Michael Lage
Director, Umpires Dave Goldberg davidrgoldberg@comcast.net
Director, Field Management Mike Stockman
Director, Website Danielle Weiss
Director, Equipment & Supplies Scott MacGilpin
Director, Uniforms    
Director, WHLL Concessions    
Safety Officer Dr. Peg O'Neill tbd
Player Agent Scott Franklin
Co-Director, Challenger Divisoin Ronit Shoham
Co-Director, Challenger Division Scott Franklin
Administrative Assistant Danielle Weiss


Executive Board Members

Position Name Email
President Joe Giangreco
Founder, Emeritus Scott Franklin
Founder, Emeritus Ronit Shoham
Founder, Emeritus Mark Baral
President, Emeritus Mike Michaud
President, Emeritus Brian Lee
President, Emeritus Gary Druckenmiller
President, Emeritus Brian Coco
















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